Friday - Day One - Bread Day

This morning I fell for a troll, fed my starters, and measured out the stuff to make bread with. I have confirmation that the ducks are marching towards a final destination of getting Miss Chaos on the NDIS. I have made The Bikkie and am eating chunks of it as hunger nibbles at me.

I have yet to take my coffee and pills, but all in all, it's not bad for being awake since 3AM. I'll take the positive. The thing I wrote because of the troll is staying up, but I've added a fact check to the end of it all.

::mutters:: stoopid firkin trolls...

There are some things I will never understand, and one of those is the inclination for people to stir trouble just for the notice they get. Wouldn't it be better to get noticed for the good stuff or improving the world? Ah, but stirring shit is easier...

Anyway. I am making bread because the freezer is down to one pre-sliced loaf, which I need to shove to the left so the oldest gets grabbed first.

I have a system, okay?

In the Headlines:

  • Muppet leaks interview with 60 Minutes to highlight the "bias" in the same
  • Rich golfer supports the Muppet, huge shocker 9_9
  • Melania conspicuous by her absence from the Muppet's ongoing campaign, citing a "lingering cough"
  • ScoMo forced to backtrack from saying, "If you're good at your job, you'll get a job"
  • Woman missing for twelve days in a park in the US was found in almost miraculous health, suspicion arises that she may have faked the event for fame and attention
  • Spring weather is looking to get worse as the east coast is expecting the mother of all storms to hit
  • Melbourne man had to hang on to a tiger snake for half an hour until the professionals arrived

I've averaged close to two hundred words a day in KOSBOB this week and should soon be hitting the goal of 120K words. It's going to be a while all the same.

Onwards. I live. I learn. I go on in the way I would like the world to be shaped.