Challenge #02844-G287: Therapy For Monsters

I've been wondering how the Galactic Alliance treats pedophiles who want help with, well, not being pedophiles anymore... -- Anon Guest

[AN: Eliminating pedophilia in its entirety begins with not normalising the sexualisation of younger bodies, infantilising sex play(and partners), the eradication of most, if not all, adult characteristics in adult partners, and so on. Once it's not culturally normalised, the entire predilection may also vanish. So let's take this as a statistical anomaly in the future of my dreams]

The first step to getting help with a problem is recognising it as a problem. Throughout history, people like Van had justified their appetites by pointing at a distant point in the past when it was all allegedly perfectly normal.

Pre-shattering Humans pointed to the Medieval lords. Medieval lords pointed to the ancient Romans, who pointed to the Greeks, who pointed to another distant people less able to defend themselves. Back and back and back, to before the time of the written word. It was never normal. It was people who only cared to take what they wanted, who used the actions of other such statistical outliers to justify what they did.

At least Van was willing to admit she was a monster. At least she was willing to state as much in her own words and out of her own mouth. Worse monsters would jump through hoops and history to make their lusts perfectly normal. I was sure to tell Van as much. She had taken the first step. As a Therapist, it is my job to help her through all the subsequent steps.

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