Saturday - Day Zero - Bread Part 2

Two cases again from overseas, on a boat. No word as to whether they're staying on the boat or what. Blargh. My dough is thawing on the dining room table as I write this blog.

I'm leaving the Wordpress results of the troll up. It's a part of my learning journey and that kind of documentation might be important at a later date. Whatever. It is a piece of my past nevertheless.


It's Saturday and we're out of cream, I'm running low on coffee, and the heat lamps in the bathrooms need replacing, so shopping may somehow be in my schedule. Beloved is going to get Miss Chaos a haircut [because she's very shaggy] so I might be able to fob that expedition on to them.

Headlines, headlines, headlines:

  • AusPost CEO wastes AusPost money on herself and is called out for it
  • Muppet continues claims that the plague is going away despite the US breaking the world record for new cases
  • Teen commits suicide after a spat with her mum - I suspect there's more under the surface than one spat
  • Papal diplomat in Canberra may have been exposed to the plague, therefore potentially bringing the plague to the pope
  • More documented evidence of a painful relationship between Muppet and wife after the debate
  • Investigation underway after premie baby once assumed dead was discovered alive. This kid is the luckiest human to survive all that
  • Pedo-stable woman's sex life comes into court and it's 418 pages long. Yikes
  • Boss finds employee's tinder profile and sends them a screenshot on Valentine's day. Double yikes
  • NSW Premier once again in the news as the shredder returns as the most important tool in politics
  • In the last Muppet vs Biden debate it's revealed that Biden actually has plans
  • Muppet said something that was misheard as a very bad thing and social media has melted down of it
  • Celebrities weigh in on the debate (of course) and verdicts are split
  • Puppy is born green and it's pretty awesome

I'm going to write a story and eat carbs and bake bread. Yay.