Challenge #03954-J302: First, Do No Harm

A school has a massive garden with herbs, fruits, and vegetables almost as far as the eye can see. Here, some of the best healers in the world are taught their trade. Here, people also learn to cook, season, and care for others. -- Anon Guest

It's easy to mistake the School of Helpful Hands for a Druidic grove. The plants are abundant and bountiful. There are lush herbs from all over the world growing there. Some in hothouses. The animals there are hardier than anyone might expect. A careful observer may also note that they were utilitarian breeds.

Every now and again, a wandering Druid makes the honest mistake and learns the truth. Just like Plinia did.

What they found, instead of Druids, was a school of healers. Young or old, anyone who came could learn. Anyone who stayed could teach. They welcomed Plinia with open arms and in the name of their living god.

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