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Challenge #01828-E004: A Little Inspired

Erato, Muse of erotic poetry is reading the scrawl on a university toilet door (Probably misspelt.). -- Knitnan

Gods cling to that which feeds them. What they are responsible for, especially the performative stuff, is also their meat and milk. Thus, you might expect Erato to gain the sickly pallor of the people one expects to find in seedy adult stores, as well as the general doughy body of the assumed clientele. Such is not the case. Erato is healthy, well-traveled, and very, very fit.

Why? Because erotica is not just dicks in the bathroom and skeevy people in trenchcoats with brown paper bags and oily complexions. Because erotica is an international art. Erotica is not just doughy men masturbating to breasts on their computers. It is reams of fanfiction in which true love is found and erections lasting longer than two hours are both possible and merited. It is art of lovingly rendered lovemaking between impossible creatures. It is even in cuddle-fic, where the protagonists do little more than soak in each other's company in front of a fireplace. Cat optional.

It is for all these reasons that Erato is a very attractive being of indeterminate gender and nationality. They are approachable, amenable, and down for whatever. This has caused quite a lot of upset to anyone in their aura. But that doesn't stop them noticing the little things. Like, for instance, this particular dick on the wall of a cubicle in the university that Abe 'Bubba' Jenkins is about to quit.

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kinshisetsunai:He's so unhappy about this.…System...


He’s so unhappy about this.

…System initializing…


The Spine expanded his awareness from internal systems to external stimuli. What there was of his thought processes encompassed, What have they done this time?


Ever since the military decided he should have a stealth reconnaissance form, they had done things with his humanoid body or his snakelike spine-self. They just couldn’t help themselves. His robot siblings

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finishingschoolbooks: I have no doubt you are familiar with the fan and sprinkle maneuver, students. After all, there have been numerous...


I have no doubt you are familiar with the fan and sprinkle maneuver, students. After all, there have been numerous pamphlets published on the subject.

My desire to write a steampunky lady werewolf-fighting team has increased from zero to ten bazillion.

My writing queue as it stands:

  1. Book 3 of the Hevun’s Child series

  2. EDITING (fuck)

  3. The Amity Incident (aka that thing with T'reka)

  4. Editing again (shit)

  5. Kung Fu Zombies (I shit you not)

  6. I honestly don’t

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btprincessgirl: herrmedic: lollipocalypse: sublimesublemon: These are... actually pretty inspiring. Cool. Forever reblog. "you are...





These are… actually pretty inspiring.


Forever reblog.

“you are never taller than when you stand up for yourself”

thats just awesome

“You’re the result of 4 billion years of evolutionary success; F***ING ACT LIKE IT.”

My fave right there.

My eldest has taken up “When life gets harder, you must have levelled up,” as his motto.

Since I’m a writer, I have to go with “Reach the finish line: keep

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My muses, my characters, and the workings of my butterfly mind...

I apparently have a poetry muse that only turns up at BF in the morning. If I’m asleep, I miss it.

This muse can also turn up when I’m rat-faced tired. Often, too tired to write anything down.

Same way my story muse tends to bug me when I’m driving the car. Dang muses. Always turning up at inopportune moments.

And then there’s my characters.

Argumentative bunch, the lot of them. Some get really

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