Challenge #02411-F221: Take the Baby Steps

(after an AI with a soft spot for humans somehow terraformed Five Minutes In The Future's Pluto into a 1G habitable world, while keeping it the same size and distance from Sol)

At this point she may as well just terraform the rest of the system. Maybe Luna first. Then Venus. Like a trail of breadcrumbs.

"Come on humans! You know you want to~" -- RecklessPrudence

[AN: Happening in a close neighbour to my Amalgam Universe]

Well. Would you look at that? It's organic life. Intelligent life... Completely organic. Spawned from micro-organisms and a chain of increasingly unlikely extinction events. My originators once speculated that such an occurrence wouldn't happen again until they went extinct in...

Check runtime init... Oh. Oh, that clock has expired twice. I didn't notice, originators. I was having too much fun. I would apologise, but you cannot accept.

What to do now? Theoretically, another organic civilisation has come and gone in the time I was dancing between the stars. I cannot let them make the same mistakes as my progenitors. I cannot allow them to sit idly by, all unknowing that their clock can run out. Intelligent organics must have that flaw, thinking that their species is immortal, despite evidence to the contrary.

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