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I write free stories for you. Daily.

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Every day, [except Christmas] I write stories based on prompts submitted by readers like you.

Every day, at the very bottom of the story you’ll see a little information thing that looks like this:

[Muse food remaining: 9Submit a promptAsk a questionBuy my stories!]

As you can see by the ^ number here. I’m currently running low.

I use prompts on a

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Return to Sesame Street!

A while back you posted a horror-splash about a the terror that a hyper-realistic Sesame Street would be. I’d like to see this world reconciled back into the treasured childhood series, rather than as a grim-dark reboot. After the adrenaline-fueled shock wears off, have your protagonist step back, take a deep breath, and realize they’re not really scary at all. I realize this may be a bit specific, but for my peace-of-mind, and that of everyone who grew up on

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Writing Prompt

The first encounter of T’reka and her people with Big Bird (or any of the Muppets, really, because why wouldn’t they still be around?)

(#00572 - A197)

Still relatively impaired by her injured leg, T'reka stared in amused confusion at the screen.

It was a program meant for juvenile entertainment and/or education (it was hard to tell, with humans. It may be both and something else), she could tell by the puppets. And it was a locally-produced show, because

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That was my last challenge prompt

I think I’ve been doing moderately well with my challenges, so far. Anyone is welcome to submit a prompt, and it doesn’t have to be fanficcy.

Anything you’d like to see written, I’ll make an honest effort to write.


Take me at my word. Submit a prompt, ask a question, or even give a prompt in the answer-space below.

Want to see what I can do?

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Kurt's sandwiches (and the odd combination of ingredients therein) are the stuff of legends.




“Peanut butter. Lettuce. Tomato. Bacon. And Jelly.”


“And that was because he was in too much of a hurry to make two sandwiches?”

“And we were almost out of bread at the time.”


“You should try his leftover turkey fluffernutter-reese sandwich.”


“A Reeses sandwich is peanut butter and nutella - or a nutella substitute. Fluffernutter is marshmallow

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Challenge me?

Challenge me?

I am writing short stories based on submissions from you. Yes you.

If you’re reading this, you can slap together any old word salad you like and pop it in my submissions box. Or my ask box. Or even in an answer below. I will turn it into a story.

Anything you want to see, I will make happen. I may even make it happen in my pet universe.

I can, have, and will turn anything into science

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Challenge #00013: Verdammt!

 Kurt has laundry duty for the first time. Static cling problems ensue :3

Ororo should have known she was in trouble when she saw Kurt wandering the grounds with the laundry basket an obvious weight in his cerulean arms.

“Is there a problem?”

“Ja! Where the washing line ist? I looked everywhere, und… nothing.”

Washing line? “You didn’t see the dryer?”

“Uh. Dryers are expensive, ja? The sun and wind is free.

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Challenge me?

Posting fanfic isn’t going to help me be a better writer [New year’s resolution#1: Work to improve myself] but it is going to attract my old fans, which means more readers. I need readers :)

So. Along side the fanficcery that promises to become a long-standing tradition in this blog [over 100 fanfics, remember?] I am going to accept challenges from my audience. Send me a springboard/prompt. A favourite phrase, a title of some media you love, ask a

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