Writing Challenge

A 28-post collection

Well, that's unusual...

Sara is well-known - some might say almost infamous - for her ability to leave others confused and speechless without even really working at it or meaning to do so, just by simply wondering about something out loud.

So turn that around - have someone else’s offhanded remark or casually-voiced idle thought leave her thrown off-guard and quietly puzzled by its randomness.


“Food and politics are intrinsically linked, it goes back further than Jesus sharing bread with the

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Challenge #00075: Lactose tolerance

Olive branch diplomacy between Scott and Todd while snacking on ice cream. Jamie makes an appearance.

Todd froze as he turned away from the ice cream van. Mister military was also there. Also getting a flake cone.

“Summers,” he managed warily.

“I… uh… heard you were -um- in a bad place.”


“I had a real bad foster parent right before I manifested. Damn rat bastard named Winters.”

“Mine was an

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Challenge #00071: Eldritch

Use the┬ásentence; ‘The darkness around her felt invaded, but that wasn’t new.’

Shayde slowed, listening to the pricking of her thumbs. The darkness around her felt invaded, but that was nothing new. It was a feeling usually reserved for shadow-jumping or travel Between.

But in the non-shadow world… it was something else.

Something wicked…

“I ken yer there. Out with it. What’re ye after?”

We seek… they whispered. Life.

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Challenge #00070: Strengths

Scott beats Sara to the intellectual punch and DOESN’T crow about it.

[AN: my wrist is paining me, today, so therefore I drabble]

Scott came upon Sara in the garage, once again repairing her quirk-ridden scooter, Eileen. And, he had to note, cussing politely.

“Gluteus maximus!”


“Recalcitrant gearbox, alas.”

Scott looked and briefly wondered how she couldn’t see her mistake. “You put that in backwards and upside-down,” he said,

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Challenge #00067: Exploitation

In the middle of a celebration,

With a new species,

While history repeats itself.

It had taken far too much work to get this far. Not the least of which was buying the right politicians so that the Storyland project could go ahead.

Genetic engineering had that kind of effect on people. Old stories like Frankenstein never truly go away. They just mutate in the subconscious and return in a new guise.

The Elves had been a hit. But then, they were

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Challenge #00059: Nice Guy Syndrome

Anywhere in the story: “Fate, it seemed, had a sadistic cruel streak in regards to his love life.”

There had been Jodie. First love. Perfect tits. Perfect ass. Perfect smile. And a perfect already-boyfriend who was five times his size and really, really territorial. He paid for her in bruises and blood, and just when he thought he was going to get luckier than he ever believed, she set him up for a very public humiliation.

Jodie was also the

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In a- alley!

With a- small dog!

While a- dark elf curses!


The right hand rule, Drixxt was certain, was leading him in circles. His native ability for navigating in the dark, being a Dark Elf, was failing him because this place, despite being allegedly on the surface had levels of darkness below and beyond[1] the levels of ‘stygian’. Drixxt suspected this was the sort of darkness you got before light had come by to make things all

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Challenge #00051: The Perils of Temporal Interference

In-a: Ancient Greece/Rome (your choice, but traveler is stuck with no way of returning to home time)
With-a: Time Travel Cheat Sheet (link #1, link #2, or just Google Image Search Time Travel Cheat Sheet)
While-a: Citizen is being obstructionistBonus if you show the aftermath, and how half-remembered History lessons and the cheat sheet avoided the Dark Ages

It should have worked. It was perfectly calculated down to the second.

But Evan had forgotten about planetary motion through time. He was

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the weekend larp involved pirates vs. astronauts, snow, and weaponised fruit, so here are some prompts inspired by real events.

1. Suddenly, a watermelon.

2. “A pineapple, perfect! The cardboard warriors have almost reached the second staircase and we need ammunition. Now hand me my gunana.”

3. The Nerf Gun Wars of ‘06


“Pew! Pew!”

“Pew! Pew! Pew!”

“Shayde, what the flying flakk–?”

She grinned from behind her cardboard visor. She was using a banana as an imaginary gun and apparently shooting by saying, “Pew!”

“War games,”

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Challenge #00046: Daring Rescue

Edward Kelly moments after meeting Magneto for the first time.


Edward Kelly swallowed his last meal back down and tried to think of anything but the taste of bile and stomach acid.

“Welcome to the three D’s of teleportation, Principal Kelly,” said a blurred figure that was somehow all shades of aqua. “Dizzyness, disorientation and debilitating nausea.” The figure held something under his nose.

The scent of citrus assaulted him, but at least it made

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Challenge #00045:

The first press conference of newly elected state senator, Scott Summers, in which he tries to explain how someone who sees only red can govern those with full vision. Hard questions are asked by both reporters and Duncan Matthews, himself the newly elected leader of the FOH and sporting IRA styled terrorist backup.

“How can you claim to have a far-reaching vision when all you can see is red?”

Gah. Dumb question #3. Again. State Senator Scott Summers kept his

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Challenge #00042: Life's Great Mystery

Scott wins a bet with Logan and he divulges wisdom from the mount, including and especially how to get the better of Duncan with his mind and not his fists or powers, with Todd offering to help as an olive branch of peace.

“Told you I could do it.” Scott panted. “Pay up. Enlighten me.”

Logan made a lazy gesture indicating an otherwise neglected bench in Xavier’s extensive gardens. He was never much for talking, even

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Challenge #00040: The Shocking Truth.

An outsider to everything talks about seeing something they shouldn’t, fully knowing the ramifications of their seeing will impact the entire world they live in.

Shayde knew she was on time. She checked the chrono four times after she heard Rael’s voice in the negotiations room. He was, apparently, talking in some variety of Bird. One of the languages that gave her ‘universal translator’ ability trouble. Something about beaks…

This was one of those negotiation

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