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Challenge #00071: Eldritch

Use the sentence; ‘The darkness around her felt invaded, but that wasn’t new.’

Shayde slowed, listening to the pricking of her thumbs. The darkness around her felt invaded, but that was nothing new. It was a feeling usually reserved for shadow-jumping or travel Between.

But in the non-shadow world… it was something else.

Something wicked…

“I ken yer there. Out with it. What’re ye after?”

We seek… they whispered. Life.

“Ye cannae have mine. Or any close to me. Nor any close tae them and so on. This whole station’s Protected.”

We… want breath

Ah. “Ye want tae live again?”


“To make the better choices?”


“To be wanted?”


The shadows around her gained shapes. Nightmares. Made from the sort of people who became nightmares. The wolf at the door. The ogre who used bones to make bread. The wicked step-parent. The cruel master.

“There’s a lab five floors up makin’ new lives,” she said. “Perfect for what ye say ye want. Repent, an’ get yerselves reborn.”

The shadows became ordinary shadows again. There was no danger of those souls coming back into a cogniscent form. The lab five floors up was making Augments for mentally disabled kids.

They would be wanted, oh yes. Wanted and loved. And kind. And useful. And making the only choices they were trained to do. To look after their child, to love their child, to guide them and feed them and make them be better.

A life of servitude, to weigh against their previous sins.

Served them right.

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Chalenge #00026: Young Love, Stay Love

 quietstorm81 answered: Old couple commenting on young couple having an awkward but visably loving first date in a park

They took the ramp up to third balcony level in Big Tree Park. Poor Mal’s knees wouldn’t let him do stairs, any more.

Their usual bench was occupied by a young couple, so they took the next one. It was good to sit and watch the green things grow. And some of the things that weren’t exactly

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Challenge #00025: Movie Madness

Rogue and Rahne, the closest the Evo cast arguably has to a vampire and werewolf, end up having to watch the latest vampire-and-werewolf-starring cinematic blockbuster - the Twilight movies, courtesy of a lost bet (likely with Kitty).  Cue the mocking and snarkiness!

[This author has only seen the first Twilight movie and removed herself from the sequels as a means of self-preservation]

“So what’s this all about, then?” asked Rahne. Kitty was standing guard at the door and,

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Sara, Todd, and Forge team up to create the Locker Troll Mk V.


“This is strictly arts and crafts, you understand?”

“Yes, Sara,” intoned Forge in the tired mien of someone who’d been through this before.

“*Just* the available materiel.”

“Yes, Sara.”

“No wibbly-wobbly jiggery-pokery.”

Sigh. “Yes Sara.”

“And no tricky little gadgets to speed up the process.”

“Yes, Sara.”

“Todd, darling, you may frisk him.”

“Man. I thought you said this would

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In a chain restaurant, with an inebriated thunder/lightning god tired of freaking THOR getting all the attention, while he decides he needs...


It was a dark and -o god- stormy night. The bums that usually cleared out five minutes before the little tip saucer appeared on their table hung around and actually dropped change on the saucer.

Pennies, for the most part. The occasional nickel, crying because it was alone. And one ancient-looking coin and a string of cowrie shells.

Aisha freshened up the weirdo’s coffee and said, “We prefer legal tender, here.” The coin was surprisingly heavy and

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Letting a date down easy


Shayde winced as she filtered the young lizard girl’s enthusiastic babbling through her own understanding.


This kid had the worst case of wishful listening Shayde had ever seen.


“Maybe I can take you to see the storm aurora. It only happens outside the left tail section for some reason? Oh! Wait. There’s like a historical theatre thing? Sometimes they do recreation shows, sometimes they show the old-style cinema stuff? It’

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Announce on the Challenge

I’m going to try spacing my prompts out to one a day, if only to give Geekhyena a break ;)

Also, it gives me more time to think about which prompt would be best to take on and it gives you (yes, you! The individual reading this) time to think up some more prompts to submit or ask me :)

Of course, I will try to do the non-fanficcy ones first, since stretching into my pet universe is a priority for me.

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Kurt's sandwiches (and the odd combination of ingredients therein) are the stuff of legends.




“Peanut butter. Lettuce. Tomato. Bacon. And Jelly.”


“And that was because he was in too much of a hurry to make two sandwiches?”

“And we were almost out of bread at the time.”


“You should try his leftover turkey fluffernutter-reese sandwich.”


“A Reeses sandwich is peanut butter and nutella - or a nutella substitute. Fluffernutter is marshmallow

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December 23, 2012

Some say it’s the end of the world. Some say it’s a new beginning. I like the latter. Namely, because people of all kidneys have been predicting the end of the world since time immemorial and not one of them got it right.

So. Here’s a few of my predictions for that particular day.

1) Squid-all nothing/business as usual. Yup. It’s going to be just another day when the world didn’t

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