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Challenge #01654-D193: Puppet Power

Ventriloquist dummies, Muppets, they allow their handlers to be someone quite different. Some of the more famous being Kermit the Frog, Miss Piggy, Topo Giglio the Mouse and charlie McCarthy and his handler Edgar Bergan, (the puppet is now in the smithsonian)... -- Anon Guest

They say, If you want to find the truth of a man, give him a mask to wear. And this is, to a degree, true. But if you want to weigh the nature of a soul, give them a puppet. Sometimes, the aesthetic clues of the puppet lend character, but one that lacks such cues can show you the unpublic side of the individual manipulating it.

A puppet is an avatar. A mouthpiece for the thoughts that don't make it out of a fleshy mouth without such assistance. And they are distanced from the real mouth by virtue of being a thing with no more soul than that which is given to them. It's a mouthpiece. A tool to say the things that are otherwise bottled up.

Therapist Valance found it very useful for her more... culturally restricted... patients. A puppet was just a thing, true, but her patients could make it say or do anything. Her other tool, for those not inclined to harm living things by accident or design, either a cat or a dog. Both highly trained. Animals didn't judge and, in the case of cats, didn't care. But they were soft and warm and friendly in a world that could be cold and cruel.

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Challenge #01520-D059: Lost and Found

[Person #1]: Spectro-analysis of the ship dates it as having been in orbit here for slightly more than three hundred million years.

[Person #2]: They built shit to last back in the Paleozoic, huh?

(your choice on whether Person #1's results bear any resemblance to reality) -- RecklessPrudence

Tel swore under her breath and worked her fastest to get that comment out of the feed to the rest of the Galactic Alliance. One cut, and Ambassador Shayde's glib and unnecessary remark was

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Challenge #01491-D030: Why Am I Here?

http://writing-prompt-s.tumblr.com/post/156109857968 "The world’s best have been transported to a single building, each having their own field of expertise. You, an average Joe, have also been transported. You have no idea what you’re so good at, but everyone else seems to be afraid of you." -- Anon Guest

The right hand rule sucks. I kept finding myself back at my own marks. Upstairs, downstairs... everywhere was closed in. No exits existed. Not even in the extensive

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Challenge #01402-C307: Pressed Souls

"Keep a diary, Desrie! One day it may keep you." -- Anon Guest

It sounded... ominous. Desrie heard it from everyone, every day. Sometimes, she saw people with them. Thick, heavy tomes which promised to last them the rest of their lives.

And some that were so thin...

How could people stand to watch those pages dwindle down? How could they want to write the last page?

Desrie didn't have a choice, in the end. Her mother made her visit the Diary

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Challenge #01308-C213: Modern Fable

Don't set yourself on fire to keep others warm. -- RecklessPrudence

Sacrifice is noble. There is no doubt. Those who turn aside their wants for the needs of others are truly glorious. They have honour. They gain kharma points. And some gain respect.

Most, however, are expected to sacrifice more.

The fable is told of those who sacrifice everything. The Giving Tree is just one. There is another... the Perfect Mother.

She gave up her employment so she could give her children

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Return to Sesame Street!

A while back you posted a horror-splash about a the terror that a hyper-realistic Sesame Street would be. I’d like to see this world reconciled back into the treasured childhood series, rather than as a grim-dark reboot. After the adrenaline-fueled shock wears off, have your protagonist step back, take a deep breath, and realize they’re not really scary at all. I realize this may be a bit specific, but for my peace-of-mind, and that of everyone who grew up on

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