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kinshisetsunai:He's so unhappy about this.…System...


He’s so unhappy about this.

…System initializing…


The Spine expanded his awareness from internal systems to external stimuli. What there was of his thought processes encompassed, What have they done this time?


Ever since the military decided he should have a stealth reconnaissance form, they had done things with his humanoid body or his snakelike spine-self. They just couldn’t help themselves. His robot siblings thought it was the greatest joke in the world to start his day with some kind of prank.


Most of the time, it was something simpler, like fake facial hair glued to his silver features. Once, they decorated him like a Christmas tree. And, usually, they exchanged his trademark fedora for something ludicrous and loudly colourful.


This time… it wasn’t.


Not only had they carefully, expertly removed his detachable spine from the rest of his body, but someone had taken the extra time to tie a knot in him.

100%…. NumberOneSilver fully initialized error checksum 0. Thank you for choosing Walter Robotics.

The Spine opened his eyes. Flexed the links in his famous titanium alloy body part. Began to work his way loose.

And while he was doing so, he knew just who to blame.