Thursday, Rushed and Bamfoozled

I forgot about Wordpress Wednesday, yesterday. Caught up this morning with what it was likely to be anyway: another installation of the fanficcy version of A Devil's Tale. The pro version of which is going to be 111 chapters and is STILL nowhere near being finished.

I'm getting closer to individuating all the chapters for mum. I may change the folder name so it's more universal. And if the Master Document won't let me edit it any more, I can always write the individual chapters "live".

So far, editing the longer doc is merely irritating. I have lived with immense amounts of lag before.

Stitching it all together might be a problem for Future InterNutter and hir editor. Maybe. I shall seek advice from the writing group when the time comes.

Less panicking about tomorrows that may never arrive. More dealing with the stuff in front of me.

I still have tagging, chambering, and chapter individuation to do. Which will probably happen sideways because of course it will.

I'm used to it at this point.

Let's get stuff done.