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Challenge #03264-H355: Slowly Approaching Fine

After the investigation, the Havenworlders were carefully lead out by a team of therapists, but they found the human couldn't move, or rather, wouldn't. Sobbing bitterly, all she could do was sit there, shaking. In many ways, this had been far more traumatic for her than any of her charges. It was decided to carry her, gently, to a quiet place. The therapists had a lot of work ahead of them to deal with the trauma. In this case, the Havenworlders were the easier ones to care for. This human was a wreck. -- Anon Guest

The Havenworlders were fine. They were prepared for offense and shock. Tourist Guide Lila was not. Her record said that she had undergone the traditional Anything-Goes Educator Defense and Protection Training. With dawning horror, the Emergency Response Team realised that this incident was her first.

The first one is always rough. Trained combatant or someone just doing their job, any of those with killing on their expectations list[1] never forget their first.

Lila was a trembling ball of misery and incomprehensible babbling. Unaware of anything outside of her personal bubble of misery. ERT Thang had to get the scene off of the public concourse. The Havenworlders had marched into the inner workings of the Service Areas like a chain of children on a Together Rope. Even the body had been carted off and Forensic Cleaners[2] had taken care of the bloodstains. Only Lila remained.

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Challenge #02842-G285: It Happened So Fast

For some, killing is easy. They feel absolutely nothing for it. For others, killing is like ripping apart a piece of their very soul. He wept. Tears sliding down his face as the body lay on the ground before him. He'd agreed to be a guide to the small mixed group of haven worlders and death worlders through the shopping center, but he had never thought it would end up in a confrontation. The person was raving, either they were insane, on

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