Gang Aft Agley

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Best-laid PLNs


Things have gone agley again.

Beloved booked my car in for new tyres and the soonest they could get was next Tuesday.

So their day off has changed. My opportunities have changed. And so have my PLNs.

So now I'm spending a day at home with Chaos, since Mayhem is back to his traineeship, this week. Dinner is going to be something quick with mince and possibly riced cauliflower. We don't have a lot, but I can probably whip up a risnotto with the stuff I have floating around.

For those not in the know, risnotto is just like a risotto, only the rice has been replaced with grated cauliflower. So it's not a risotto. Get it?

Yeah. My sense of humour is lacking and the evidence for that is in this portmanteau that I entertain myself with.

I have stripped the master file for last year's Instants free of any carats (^) and colons on square brackets (]:) so that auto-footnoting is no longer a thing. The recompile is free of errors, so now I have to take the .doc file and search for footnotes and turn them into bookmarks because the file cruncher at Smashwords is a total dillweed at parsing footnotes.

Pain. In. The. Arse.

But it will mean that THIS version of 2017's Year of Instants will be finally accepted into the Premium catalogue and I can add it to the growing list of Years of Instants.

And then I can attempt to flog it.

Of Mice and Me

This is not just a household rodent problem, though we do have one. I've spotted a minimum of one wee sleekit timorous beastie scuttling between hiding places and I plan to do something about it when I have money again.

Yesterday, I had plans to go and fetch my youngest from Scenic Coominya. Beloved had taken a day off and everything. Alas, Capt S had other plans that involved KIABIL and today. So we were told not to come at all.


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Thinking about how to do fibre

So I think I might have perfected the cake-like object from the Keto coconut bread. And since I don't really like a lot of my bread...

I'm thinking about making some choc-chip fibre muffins.

The only drawback to this is that the local Foodways has stopped selling the BEST EGGS IN THE WORLD, Peepers Cheepers [or Cheepers Peepers, I forget which way around it is], the totally organic and ethical free range eggs. In favour of non-organic, non-ethical firkin CAGE EGGS which

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PLNs, Disasters, and other mishaps

This weekend, I had PLNs to clear out the garage at long firkin last. I also have PLNs to visit MeMum and sort out a few things over there.

So of course Beloved gets a lurgi and MeMum says wait until tomorrow.

Never mind, though. I have slightly more time to do the Instant, and faff about a little before everyone wakes up. Which, in this case, means watching YouTube and colouring in more frames for my Sleep Evil Sleep project.


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Abrupt change of plns

I had little more exciting planned for today than taking Mayhem to EB Games and then finding a comfy seat for an hour or two while Mayhem went all over that shop like a rash and making up his dang mind.

But the best laid plans of me are gang aft agley.

Capt S. wants the grandkids TODAY, so that means running around, a four-hour round trip, and possibly another stop in Boronia Heights to deliver a care package to MeMum.


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MeMum actually rang and insisted that we couldn't come over and fix her computer, including the issues she had with a naughty printer because of the vital importance of copying important documents from it by hand.

Read that over a few times and try to unriddle it, because I am firkin lost.

If only there was an easier way to get those things. Like... having a device that could print copies on demand. But obviously the need for having copies of documents

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Fun times, fun times

Alongside suffering from massive sleep dep, the after-effects of which are still plaguing me to a minor degree... I am also plotting to be active for way longer than I'm used to.

I haven't pulled stuff like this since Uni. But it's the price I have to pay to not miss an instant of Steam Powered Giraffe.

Thanks to my new friends and Chauffers, I have cheap nibbles so I don't have to spend my reduced fortunes on the highly overpriced fare

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After eleven days of ponies...

You get this. An explaination as to why eleven days of ponies.

Long story short, the Internet died at home and I can no longer rearrange my posts, and posting more is a pain in the arse on my mobile devices.

But fret not, loyal followers! Soon, I shall be posting from/about Thailand! Pretty pictures, ahoy. Diatribes about why can’t we do X possibly accompanying same.

And in other news, the Hound has reached a point of annoyance where

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I got the sweetest present for Easter, this year, and I’m not talking a life-sized effigy of myself in the world’s best chocolates, sans liquers.

…though that would be cool…

Hubby went and got me a Mac Lunchbox. I mean, a Mac Mini. Estimated lifespan, two years, given the lifespans of past Mac Minis in my “tender” care.

I’m still in the process of wrassling content off the old laptop and onto

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Baby shower’s been cancelled, because the baby in question’s been born.

The Mum will still need my unpatented first Mum’s survival kit, so we’ll have to arrange to visit sometime RSN.

With, or without the frikkin’ sarong.

So now Mum-in-law has to rattle up here to get the paperwork to get it back to the friend so she can initial it and get it back to me so I can submit it and

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Ow times a googolplex

So I tripped over a chair last night. No big deal, you might think.

I landed on my massively bad bone-bruised heel. 92.4 kilos of me, landing on one small area [about two square inches, if you feel like doing the math. And yes, I’m completely bipolar with metric choices] and you can guess it hurt like fuck.

It still hurts like fuck today.

I’m limping everywhere, when I have to move. I prefer not to move

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