MeMum actually rang and insisted that we couldn't come over and fix her computer, including the issues she had with a naughty printer because of the vital importance of copying important documents from it by hand.

Read that over a few times and try to unriddle it, because I am firkin lost.

If only there was an easier way to get those things. Like... having a device that could print copies on demand. But obviously the need for having copies of documents from the computer is far too important to bother fixing the thing that could make that process go faster.

Executive dysfunction's gotta run in the family.

I swear if she rings up to tell me how important these things are again, I'm gonna tell her the story about the woodcutter with the blunt axe.

Meanwhile, Beloved can't take the little darlings to school this morning because blood tests, so I'm spending some spoons of mine on rattling around with them. But the good news is that I might be able to afford a cheapish art tablet from JB's, which will make my upcoming Sleep Evil Sleep project a heck-ton easier.

Arting with a mouse is possible, it's just a pain in the arse and three million times slower than doing it with an art tablet.

If that fails, I'll upload my roughs to my iPad and draw on that. It's a slight bit more of a pain in the butt to do it that way, but if I have to save to get an art tablet, so be it.

Of course, all the arting happens after I'm done with my writing for the day. If nothing else comes up. If the usual run of Murphy's Law actually takes a firkin holiday....

I might start posting pictures on my Deviantart or my Tumblr any time today. IF the forces of fortune and fate deign to smile on me.

Deep breaths. Trust in providence. Close eyes. Make wish. Count to ten.