Thinking about how to do fibre

So I think I might have perfected the cake-like object from the Keto coconut bread. And since I don't really like a lot of my bread...

I'm thinking about making some choc-chip fibre muffins.

The only drawback to this is that the local Foodways has stopped selling the BEST EGGS IN THE WORLD, Peepers Cheepers [or Cheepers Peepers, I forget which way around it is], the totally organic and ethical free range eggs. In favour of non-organic, non-ethical firkin CAGE EGGS which should be banned by the geneva convention.

And since we're nearly out of eggs, that means that if I want to make my fibre muffins, I have to haul my lazy arse all the way out to North Lakes to get some decently firkin ethical goddamn eggs. At four times the price.

Which, frankly speaking, is going to fuck over my plans for saving up. The New Compy Fund is going to be a little ahead, this week, but next week? Not so much.

If it weren't for asthma, I'd be raising my own chooks and getting my own eggs. Of course, we'd need to repair the fence, which is, alas, also organic and returning to the earth.

Apparently, we need our Tesla power wall before we can start the whole aquaponics thing. We have that paid and on order. To arrive somewhere in November. I've already laid bets on mid February. Because, amazing as it sounds, the people of Australia really want to switch to alternative energies. You know, despite the government taking loads of money from the coal industry and saying that coal is the cleanest, most efficient energy ever made, bla bla lie lie bla.

I've also learned that a carrier pigeon can have more bandwidth than ADSL. Which might be a serious plan if the NBN doesn't get a rattle on.


Did some more work on SESP, but not publishing because I think it's getting boring. Here's Rabbit riding an invisible motorcycle. Here's three different frames of flappy hair. Here's three more frames of flappy hair. Oh look I did her tails and ribbons flapping too. Snore.

And I still have to unriddle that mask problem. But I don't want to because it's so heartbreaking and I'd much rather fart around on Minecraft and listen to The Adventure Zone.

Ugh. I gotta make myself do it.

But, on the plus side, Beloved and I are going to go see the new Kingsman movie. I think. Some movie, anyway. Super fun.