Fun times, fun times

Alongside suffering from massive sleep dep, the after-effects of which are still plaguing me to a minor degree... I am also plotting to be active for way longer than I'm used to.

I haven't pulled stuff like this since Uni. But it's the price I have to pay to not miss an instant of Steam Powered Giraffe.

Thanks to my new friends and Chauffers, I have cheap nibbles so I don't have to spend my reduced fortunes on the highly overpriced fare at the park.

And thanks to my own lunacy of literally wandering around at the meet and mingle and going, "Stranger with candy!" I have met a lot of interesting people.

Alas, owing to the fact that I can't get my phone to get the right time, I am now an hour late in my plans, so I kind of have to rush everything.

Appologies for the short story forthcoming.