Best-laid PLNs


Things have gone agley again.

Beloved booked my car in for new tyres and the soonest they could get was next Tuesday.

So their day off has changed. My opportunities have changed. And so have my PLNs.

So now I'm spending a day at home with Chaos, since Mayhem is back to his traineeship, this week. Dinner is going to be something quick with mince and possibly riced cauliflower. We don't have a lot, but I can probably whip up a risnotto with the stuff I have floating around.

For those not in the know, risnotto is just like a risotto, only the rice has been replaced with grated cauliflower. So it's not a risotto. Get it?

Yeah. My sense of humour is lacking and the evidence for that is in this portmanteau that I entertain myself with.

I have stripped the master file for last year's Instants free of any carats (^) and colons on square brackets (]:) so that auto-footnoting is no longer a thing. The recompile is free of errors, so now I have to take the .doc file and search for footnotes and turn them into bookmarks because the file cruncher at Smashwords is a total dillweed at parsing footnotes.

Pain. In. The. Arse.

But it will mean that THIS version of 2017's Year of Instants will be finally accepted into the Premium catalogue and I can add it to the growing list of Years of Instants.

And then I can attempt to flog it.