Abrupt change of plns

I had little more exciting planned for today than taking Mayhem to EB Games and then finding a comfy seat for an hour or two while Mayhem went all over that shop like a rash and making up his dang mind.

But the best laid plans of me are gang aft agley.

Capt S. wants the grandkids TODAY, so that means running around, a four-hour round trip, and possibly another stop in Boronia Heights to deliver a care package to MeMum.

And since it's a four-hour round trip, that's a big-arse day.

Or it would be if Beloved wasn't just bringing themself, the brother-in-law, and the kids to Coominya. I can only entrust said care package to my love and hope it gets there.

Meanwhile, I can take something of a breather and catch up on content delivery.

Yeah, it took me so long to do my words for Rael, yesterday, that I had no energy or time to do the Patreon post or figure out something witty for my Wordpress.

I need to be able to manage this shit and unfuckening my house.

Which will be easier this week because the kids will be in Coominya.

It's still not as easy as it could be because the latest dust explosions have caused an uptick in my asthma troubles. Yep. For the first time in a subjective forever, I needed to put myself on the Nebuliser.

I'm okay. I promise. I can still deliver some juicy content.