Challenge #01633-D172: First Fair

Fairy floss, Cotton Candy whatever you call it, it was pure Empty Calories. -- Anon Guest

The refreshment booth was called Simple Carbohydrates and had display cases full of complicated things made out of those simple carbohydrates. Of course it was run by a human. Humans had had centuries to create astonishing things out of flour, potatoes, and sugar.

Rael watched as the vendor wound what looked to be coloured cobwebs onto a stick. He could smell the caramelised sugars in the air, but he could not correlate them to the cobwebs.

This was his first time at Amalgam's Station Fair. One among many attempts to let the humans cut loose without causing a Silly Season. He obviously had much to learn about this insane and dangerous Deathworlder species. Watching this vendor create a... rainbow flower... out of these sweet-smelling cobwebs was a source of fascination.

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