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So I took my laptop and my novel-in-progress with me on a grand adventure, this afternoon.

Said adventure involved writing two more pages and some damn good stuff.

But when I got it home… the laptop won’t work.

It has power. It was working just fine when I shut it the last time. It just won’t. Turn. On.

And I need those two pages, dammit!

Are there any Mac experts out there who can help me? I would not otherwise be worried, but my lappy needs internets to update my work on the cloud. If it’s on the cloud, it’s *FINE*.

But it’s not fine. 

Because it broke sometime when I was off the interwebs and disconnected from the cloud.


its gankin me

One Old Fart's Opinion: Data transfers and why I hate them

So Macs have this “feature” that allows you to transfer everything out of your old mac and onto your new mac.


This is fine and dandy IF your old mac isn’t clinging vainly to life and might just die with each reboot. If that happens, you might as well shoot yourself and save your body from a whole bunch of stress related injury.

This morning [April 11th] I figured out that my old laptop counterintuitively lasts longer

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I got the sweetest present for Easter, this year, and I’m not talking a life-sized effigy of myself in the world’s best chocolates, sans liquers.

…though that would be cool…

Hubby went and got me a Mac Lunchbox. I mean, a Mac Mini. Estimated lifespan, two years, given the lifespans of past Mac Minis in my “tender” care.

I’m still in the process of wrassling content off the old laptop and onto

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