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Black Panther is GOOD

Go see it. Loads of amazing visuals, actual thought going into the scenery. Loads and loads of Africa-is-not-a-desolate-dustbowl stuff. It's beautiful.

That said, it passed the Bechdel test in the last five minutes, almost as an afterthought.

We even had the Tokens turned on their heads. Token 'good guy' white man to balance out the token 'bad guy' black man who works with the heel-face-turner actual baddie of the second and third acts. And it is nice to see the white man get it first in a movie where there's not a lot of breathing space between the fight scenes.

And it is so very nice to see people with all shades of dark skin interacting as normally as any other movie scene. No 'paper bag brown' to be seen. Yay.

The next one on my 'must have' list is A Wrinkle in Time, which also contains a refreshing amount of colour amongst the cast and was reviewed as containing, "Everything that would annoy your average white, entitled, twelve-year-old." Which means that I'm going to enjoy the heck out of it.

My chief complaint about features lately has been the monotony. Romance? White people kissing with a generous side order of Stalking For Love where the Bog Standard Blonde is not interested in the guy [who may or may not be twice her age or more. Gross] and only succumbs after a solid campaign of getting in her life.

Action/Adventure? White people blowing up shit, with inexplicable kissing between the hero and the fighting fuck toy in the third act.

Drama? White people yelling at each other. And again, despite their differences, the main male and the main female pair up like that's their only option.

To be frank, I'm sick of white people doing stuff according to the tropes. I'm bored with it.

Which is why I love watching movies that are at least a little Different. Which is why I firkin' adore Black Panther.

I did see one other movie, today, and it's over on my Wordpress. Follow the menu link.

Kingsmen: The Golden Circle - pure nonse

We did actually go and see Kingsmen: The Golden Circle, last night. And it is everything you would expect from the Kingsmen. Only this time it was terribly British Gentlemen working with amazingly Stereotypical Cowboys.

Remember the first Kingsman movie in which Galahad firkin tore up a Westborough Baptist Expy Church and the camera had these weird fixed points of stability? I call that "Dizzy Cam". Well, the people who made Kingsmen recognised that that one scene was so fucking awesome and

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So I went and saw _The Mummy_ yesterday

Beloved is still a fan of Tom "gone completely gonzo" Cruise for reasons that I do not understand. And I have to say that Universal really should have stayed with the Brendan Fraser Mummy movies because those were made of awesome. Well. The first one was made of awesome. The rest had increasing concentrations of suck.

You all know about the 'sweet spots' in the movie frame, thanks to the links I put into yesterday's rant about Pervy Cam. Well, let me

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Turns out that Her Majesty's birthday isn't a public holiday, after all. But I called the little darlings in as sick because we all stayed up way too late. Heheh.

One of the reasons we all stayed up late is two new television shows [the other was the whole concept of today being a holiday] - Preacher and Cleverman.

Both are interesting shows with a premise good enough to latch on to my curiosity, but they are really, really different. And it's

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The Martian: One Sci-Fi Nut's Review

Okay, before we begin, I will stick to only referencing the stuff seen in the trailer, which is pretty spoiler-iffic anyway.

There's one little thing that annoys me about this movie, but it's a spoiler. So I have to keep it to myself until such time as loads of people have seen it. UGH.

I'm already bursting at the seams with it, darnit.

You know what? If you want spoilers, go to and decrypt this:

Ur pbhyq unir fgnegrq uvf

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The Lone Ranger: One Fan's Take

I have to confess. I have loved The Lone Ranger ever since I was a little kid. I never wanted to be part of its reality, though; I was already a Whovian by then, so I wanted to run off with the Doctor. But that’s not why I’m writing this.

Also, spoilers under the cut.

I love The Lone Ranger still. Those opening bars of The William Tell Overture do something special to my heart. And, yes, I

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Star Trek: Into Darkness - One Dork's Opinion

Massive spoilers for the movie under the cut.

Mr Abrams… You’re directing the thing that caused thousands of nerds like myself to study things like physics and sundry other sciences in order to help make the reality that got us hooked. You should therefore NOT FUCK UP PHYSICS, YOU FUCK!

Shit, man.

Seriously. The half-a-planet looked awesomely cool and all, but that was a still shot from a damned incipient planetary disaster. That half-moon in contact with the main

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One Old Fart's Opinion: Suncorp Insurance Repairs Process

A little while ago, Hound got into my car and ripped its shit.

I called my insurance people - Suncorp - and they promptly arranged to have it all go away for the measly fee of $500 up front.

It’s okay if you don’t remember the original blog. It’s been a while. That was published March 10th. It’s been a whole month and a day since then.

They first told me “two weeks&

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One Old Fart's Opinion: Data transfers and why I hate them

So Macs have this “feature” that allows you to transfer everything out of your old mac and onto your new mac.


This is fine and dandy IF your old mac isn’t clinging vainly to life and might just die with each reboot. If that happens, you might as well shoot yourself and save your body from a whole bunch of stress related injury.

This morning [April 11th] I figured out that my old laptop counterintuitively lasts longer

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One Old Fart's Opinion: Star Trek the MMORPG

Well, since I can write and I don’t know how to do or teach, I’ll try turning my hand to critique.

Today’s subject: something I got online for free.

I usually say that anything you get for free is worth exactly what you paid for it, but since my budget for this thing is exactly zero dollars, I should probably shut that attitude right up.

Starter issues - it took me twenty minutes to figure out

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