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One Old Fart's Opinion: Suncorp Insurance Repairs Process

A little while ago, Hound got into my car and ripped its shit.

I called my insurance people - Suncorp - and they promptly arranged to have it all go away for the measly fee of $500 up front.

It’s okay if you don’t remember the original blog. It’s been a while. That was published March 10th. It’s been a whole month and a day since then.

They first told me “two weeks” [the standard bullshit estimate for all repairs]. Then they said April 13th. Now they’re saying the 20th.

I leave the country on April 22nd.

If it’s still in the shop by May, I am calling every damn atom of legal help I can on this thing. And you can bet your arse I’m bad-mouthing these guys [the repairers] to everyone who crosses my path.

And that includes all of you.

The instant I actually get their name, it’s getting plastered across all my available channels. Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook. I may even sign on to some social networkings just to bad-mouth these guys.

Their reason why it’s taking so long? Their supplier is dawdling and not talking to them. I told them to get a better supplier. The response? “Aw, we don’t want to take it that far…”

Fuck you, shonky repair people. At this rate, it’s faster and cheaper to fly a courier over to Japan and get the fucking part.

I’m as mad as hell and I want my car back.

And Suncorp - you’re next. One more delay and I’m demanding my $500 back. I can do way better things with it than you arseholes are.