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One Old Fart's Opinion: Suncorp Insurance Repairs Process

A little while ago, Hound got into my car and ripped its shit.

I called my insurance people - Suncorp - and they promptly arranged to have it all go away for the measly fee of $500 up front.

It’s okay if you don’t remember the original blog. It’s been a while. That was published March 10th. It’s been a whole month and a day since then.

They first told me “two weeks” [the standard bullshit estimate for all repairs]. Then they said April 13th. Now they’re saying the 20th.

I leave the country on April 22nd.

If it’s still in the shop by May, I am calling every damn atom of legal help I can on this thing. And you can bet your arse I’m bad-mouthing these guys [the repairers] to everyone who crosses my path.

And that includes all of you.

The instant I actually get their name, it’s getting plastered across all my available channels. Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook. I may even sign on to some social networkings just to bad-mouth these guys.

Their reason why it’s taking so long? Their supplier is dawdling and not talking to them. I told them to get a better supplier. The response? “Aw, we don’t want to take it that far…”

Fuck you, shonky repair people. At this rate, it’s faster and cheaper to fly a courier over to Japan and get the fucking part.

I’m as mad as hell and I want my car back.

And Suncorp - you’re next. One more delay and I’m demanding my $500 back. I can do way better things with it than you arseholes are.

Lies, Damn Lies, and Statistics

Someone, somewhere, theorised that we spend half our lives waiting for something to happen.

Be that in a queue or in waiting rooms, or sitting around and waiting for someone in power to get the thumb out of their divot and get things done.

I, currently, have wasted half my day waiting for the men of the house to get their hairy arses into gear so we can finally finish fixing that fucking fence. They apparently spent all night programming - at

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