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I love Fridays

I don't have to go anywhere. Except, I need to go and get almond milk at some point in my immediate future. And sometime tonight, we might go out for a little bit of a feast.

But other than that, I can take my firkin time, today.

I can chill.

Last night, I went to see the latest Predator movie and... the saddest evaluation for it is that they took a step forward in having capable women in there who know how to handle themselves in a sudden battle situation.



  • Interesting that they kept Science Gal(tm) in the winnebago while Team Loony was giving Standard Blonde Wife an interesting time, thus missing an opportunity to pass the Bechdel test.
  • Interesting that Standard Blonde Wife spent most of her screen time dealing with assorted invaders in her home and never, apparently, leaving the house
  • Interesting that they trotted out the "Autism is a step up" horseshit without even trying to justify the downsides as advantages
  • Interesting that the chosen representative for Autism is still a small white boy when Autism happens across the board
  • Interesting that they only narrowly avoided the "Black guy gets it first" trope, but only because some "stoner" kids got it first as a demo for how Alien Tech Is Dangerous
  • Interesting that the POC and mentally disabled were the heroes who did all the literal self-sacrificing so the straight white hero could be in prime position to take the fight to the enemy

So they made A step forward. A teeny tiny baby step in the general milieu of gigantic leaps for representation literally everywhere else. I get it, though. It's hard to appease the man-children and appeal to the greater swathe of millennials at the same time.

...cue outraged whining about how the latest Predator movie "ruined [someone's] childhood" because now the women are self-rescuing.

Wow. Now I have a whole bunch of Tropes I Despise to talk about in my Wordpress account. Yay?

The Lone Ranger: One Fan's Take

I have to confess. I have loved The Lone Ranger ever since I was a little kid. I never wanted to be part of its reality, though; I was already a Whovian by then, so I wanted to run off with the Doctor. But that’s not why I’m writing this.

Also, spoilers under the cut.

I love The Lone Ranger still. Those opening bars of The William Tell Overture do something special to my heart. And, yes, I

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