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I love Fridays

I don't have to go anywhere. Except, I need to go and get almond milk at some point in my immediate future. And sometime tonight, we might go out for a little bit of a feast.

But other than that, I can take my firkin time, today.

I can chill.

Last night, I went to see the latest Predator movie and... the saddest evaluation for it is that they took a step forward in having capable women in there who know how to handle themselves in a sudden battle situation.



  • Interesting that they kept Science Gal(tm) in the winnebago while Team Loony was giving Standard Blonde Wife an interesting time, thus missing an opportunity to pass the Bechdel test.
  • Interesting that Standard Blonde Wife spent most of her screen time dealing with assorted invaders in her home and never, apparently, leaving the house
  • Interesting that they trotted out the "Autism is a step up" horseshit without even trying to justify the downsides as advantages
  • Interesting that the chosen representative for Autism is still a small white boy when Autism happens across the board
  • Interesting that they only narrowly avoided the "Black guy gets it first" trope, but only because some "stoner" kids got it first as a demo for how Alien Tech Is Dangerous
  • Interesting that the POC and mentally disabled were the heroes who did all the literal self-sacrificing so the straight white hero could be in prime position to take the fight to the enemy

So they made A step forward. A teeny tiny baby step in the general milieu of gigantic leaps for representation literally everywhere else. I get it, though. It's hard to appease the man-children and appeal to the greater swathe of millennials at the same time.

...cue outraged whining about how the latest Predator movie "ruined [someone's] childhood" because now the women are self-rescuing.

Wow. Now I have a whole bunch of Tropes I Despise to talk about in my Wordpress account. Yay?

No more unsuitable food

I am honestly trying, but temptation is a bitch.

Mayhem didn't want to come to Lone Star with us, alas. So he not only missed out on some R I D I C U L O U S serving sizes and free peanuts, but he also missed out on going to see...

Tomb Raider

What up!

It was on, we were there, and Chaos got in to see an M-Rated movie that did not have an obligatory sex scene. Not even a

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Moanna and personal white noise

Saw Moanna. It's firkin brilliant. I'm loving that they paid attention to Pacific Island culture in general and lots of the art style too.

Things we can take away from Moanna:

  1. It's possible to do a movie about POC without getting into semi-racist stereotyping [Looking at you "Please Bring Honour to Us All" in Mulan]
  2. It's possible to have an animated female heroine who looks more like a real human and less like an alien [Looking at Tangled and all her weird,
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Owies. And a review of sorts. (partial spoilers)

I. Hurt.

Long distance driving is not good to me. And though I traversed between Burpengary and Chermside every day for months on end, in '14, I'm feeling the hurt today.

I drive tense. And that's bad.

It also didn't help that there was a huge traffic accident between A and B, either. I had to nip up a side road to get past six tow-trucks, four police vehicles, two traffic-redirection light-up billboards, three ambulances, two visible bashed-up cars, and an uncountable

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I just saw a SciFi film called "The Machine"


  • Three, technically four ladies on the screen and not once do they exchange a single line

  • ONE character who’s POC, and he’s represented as unsympathetic!evil and still white enough to keep the cast relatively homogenous

  • No brown people, just in case I didn’t make it obvious

  • HEAVY infantalisation of the main lady

  • Mixed with equally heavy sexualisation [euw]

  • Including a scene that made my skin crawl from the pedo/rapey overtones

  • Not one,

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