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Lazy Morning

A 4-post collection

Still can't focus

I had the most luxurious slug-a-thon, yesterday. Just me, my lappy, and a whole bunch of napping in-between writing some of the most ridiculously loving sex scenes I have ever put into the digital medium.

It was fun for me.

I'm not so very tired, any more, but the inertia is strong in this one. I'd much rather be writing some more sappy love scenes than doing my work. Or lounging with my Beloved and catching up on Star Trek: Discovery.

Or watching heinous amounts of YouTube videos.

Or just generally slacking.

I've needed this for some time.

I plan on going back to it the instant I'm done with today's Instant.

Moanna and personal white noise

Saw Moanna. It's firkin brilliant. I'm loving that they paid attention to Pacific Island culture in general and lots of the art style too.

Things we can take away from Moanna:

  1. It's possible to do a movie about POC without getting into semi-racist stereotyping [Looking at you "Please Bring Honour to Us All" in Mulan]
  2. It's possible to have an animated female heroine who looks more like a real human and less like an alien [Looking at Tangled and all her weird,
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I'm having a lovely lazy Saturday, today.

Nothing more planned than slobbing about and having a good, old-fashioned relax-a-thon.

For example: I've taken twenty minutes to get this far.

And I've yet to make it to breakfast :P

I'd better go do that.

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