Relax Day

Beloved is off to help their mum. I am superfluous to proceedings, so I'm in my Kigu and not doing a very lot at any pace at all.

Frankly, you're lucky to get this much blog. Starting this Monday, I will be chasing myself to submit Adapting to assorted publishers depending on their needs for approval.

With any good luck, I shall get something out there on the Pro Scene(TM). And if not... there's always Smashwords and Lulu.

It will feel good to get a book on the market after so long.

News on the lappy front - $4K is close, but not close enough. If I want the portable beast of my dreams, it's going to cost me closer to $8K. $6K if I want it without frills.

I mean, I could get a 13-inch one for $4K, but... I really want my money back from Beloved, and the cash they owe me would DEFFO pay for the portable beast of my dreams.

And in the meantime, I can watch Bitcoin go up and down like an indecisive carousel horse. Yay.

True facts though? I will likely make that money myself, and then there'll be a NEWER beast to dream about for roughly the same amount of money.

That, and the 15-inch one has more "elbow room" so I can type.