Challenge #02027-E203: Waifs and Strays

"We have a problem sir. We found the hostage. She looks safe but.... there is an human with her. He is hurt and his translator is broken, but he seems to have protected the hostage, and continues to do so. The fact is that he doesn't want to leave her alone, and she doesn't want to leave him too. And he kind of scares our man." -- Anon Guest

Humans. Some were aggressive. Enough to make Havenworlders like the Graacil extremely cautious about encounters with all of them. It didn't matter that not all Humans were like that. What mattered was that enough were like that that it made the Graacil extremely cautious.

Forx'gn briefly pondered the likelyhood of a pleasant outcome from sending a message home that read, The Princess is safe, but also in grave danger. It would not fly well. They would have to wait for field reports until such time as he had something clear to report.

Logic, though it was always a means of being wrong with authority, could help them. One: The Human was clearly in protector mode with the Princess Grigri. Two: communication would be limited to unmistakable action or plausibly confusing pantomime. If they could manage a way to be understood... Three: both sides had their face plates obfuscated for space travel. Reading expressions was right out.

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