That's an acronym. It's based off TIL, which stands for "Today I Learned". But since I was done with my blogging by the time I learned this, it's "Yesterday I Learned".

Yesterday, I learned that there was a disease caused by poverty and the resultant poor diet. Pellagra.

[Educational video here, summarising all that went on whilst this struck]

Anyone familiar with modern politics might recognise the Right/Conservative wing complaining about how detrimental it's going to be to give poor people decent food. What have the poor/sick/desperate done to EARN decent nutrition/shelter/medical care?

You know. Apart from all the shitty low wage jobs that you don't want to pay them for?

With the Muppet deregulating everything left and right, I could easily bet that Pellagra will come back from "extinction". They won't call it Pellagra until several billion people point out the obvious. Then the food corporations will whine that it's going to cost too much to re-enrich the cheapest food with niacin. And go on a lengthy wailing session about how the Left/Liberals/People With Actual Morals are taking things way too far.

Meanwhile, Costco, a multi-nation Big Box Mart, keeps making profits whilst also giving employees a living wage, medical insurance, and paid days off for sickness/emergencies. What did the employees do to earn that? They work for the company, dummins!

Sooner or later, even the most evil, grasping, greedy people in the world will realise that humans deserve a lot of things for free or cheap. Things like:

  • A balanced and varied diet
  • Health care
  • Safe shelter
  • Clean water
  • Enough money to be comfortable

And if you give that to them, the entire world changes for the better. Not one of these super-wealthy arseholes realise that, once they own all the counters, the counters lose their meaning. They can win, but by the time they do, nobody is playing that game any more.

Rgh. I'm pissed off with the world now.