Bitch Session

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It's going to be a Wordpress Wednesday and once again, I have NO CLUE what I'm going to blither about, so I might as well figure that out while I'm doing other things.

I'm good at getting distracting ideas while I should be doing other shit.

I'm also good at having a whack firkin energy schedule. Like. I can't not wake up at buttfuck o'clock in the morning any more. And then, long about 4PM, my body apparently can't let me enjoy anything at all except perhaps some sleep.

But if I go to sleep at 4PM, I end up waking up at worse-than-buttfuck AM and the cycle gets worse. Maybe I should just... arrange for help while I sleep at odder hours until I resume normal ones again. And then figure out how to maintain them.

And somewhere along the way I also have to figure out how to disarm Sneezin' and Wheezin' Season, because that unpleasant noise is back on my pecs again. Ugh.

I swear it's worse in the spring, because that's the coldest firkin season of the year.

I need somewhere dry, warm, and minus allergens. But not too warm.


That's an acronym. It's based off TIL, which stands for "Today I Learned". But since I was done with my blogging by the time I learned this, it's "Yesterday I Learned".

Yesterday, I learned that there was a disease caused by poverty and the resultant poor diet. Pellagra.

[Educational video here, summarising all that went on whilst this struck]

Anyone familiar with modern politics might recognise the Right/Conservative wing complaining about how detrimental it's going to be to give poor people

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Tomorrow and Tomorrow

Tomorrow, I have to make certain my little darlings are off to their respective schools. Tomorrow, I am cleaning up the massive mess of post-shepherd's-pie and post-roast kitchen apocalypse. Tomorrow, I begin sorting out what the flakk this years' novel is about.

This is a first for me. I honestly threw B'Nar into the mix because it was another B-name planet that could be fun to play with. Welp. Now I'm about to have fun.

I stood in this swamp and now

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No Tropes Today

We're due to get our flu jabs, this morning. As such, I don't really have the time for an in-depth rant about things that Hollywood does to tick me off.

That will probably happen more often next week.

It all depends on what else I find to write about, really.

But for now, I have a one and a half hour time window to hammer out a story for you, because post-jabs, I'm planning on heading down to MeMum's for a Stuff

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