Challenge #02026-E202: Common Sense Human Medical Advisor

Under great stress, the human brain will launch the production of combat drugs to better face the situation. It will nearly always allow your fellow human crew member to survive and save you, even if the course of action seems stupid and dangerous. The biggest problem could be when those drugs leave the organism : usually the human will act as normal and go back to his/her normal behaviour. But in some case, the human mental will temporary "crumble to dust" and it could led to delayed panic attack. We advise you to not come near any human suffering it, as it could lead to injure, except if you are a medical personnel. -- Anon Guest

The answer to sudden adrenaline deprivation is not, as many would think, more adrenaline. Humans only produce it for certain situations, and sparking a life-or-death reaction in a non-life-or-death situation never ends well. Post adrenaline 'crashing' can be treated with several steps:

  1. No sudden movements or loud noises: maintain a calm, soothing voice and talk your way through everything you do. Obsess about getting permission. It is your goal to make the Human feel comfortable and safe.
  2. Allow them to vent in a safe manner: such as, hugging a plushie or a pillow, stroking faux fur, harmless stims[eg: flapping, verbal nonsense], jumping, fastening and unfastening outer layers [keep patient behind offensensitivity screens], crying, low-volume cursing [employ audio offensensitivity screening], rocking, and kneading [supply soft, malleable object].

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