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Challenge #02599-G042: It's Okay, I'm a Deathworlder!

Humans have a function called an Adrenaline Rush, aka the body hitting the “oh shit” button. Sugar and caffeine trigger something similar to it, but have a mild drawback. A level 2 deathworlder that have the “oh shit” button learned the difference between the two the hard way -- Anon Guest

Adrenaline works by using all available body reserves for a desperate effort. The price is generally paid afterwards in the form of assorted injuries and the recovery from the same. That is, assuming it isn't paid in the user's demise during the desperate effort. Sugar piles on extra resources and effectively supercharges the body for a short amount of time. Caffeine, a little more complex, shuts down the 'tired' signals in mind and body whilst also accelerating the heart rate - thus fooling the body into thinking it's awake. Humans often use the combination of caffiene and sugar as a booster. They do not, as rumour suggests, boost it with Adrenaline.

Unfortunately for Tresk, they had heard the rumour and didn't bother asking any Humans about it. Not their fault, the ships' Humans were all N'Ozzies and genetically obligated to agree with and embellish any lie they heard[1]. Other sources on the free infonets were... conflicted at best, and conflagrations at worst. Most of the conflagrations were started by, of course, N'Ozzies[2]. Therefore, the only true way to discover fact from fiction was to try it themself.

This, of course, is not recommended for any species more delicate than a Class 2 Deathworlder. Fortunately for Tresk, they were a Class 2 Deathworlder and on the harder end of that particular classification bracket. Therefore they did what any Deathworlder would do. They live-blogged their experiences for science. Havenworlders, don't even look at trying this at home.

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Challenge #02322-F132: Unexpected Reaction

One human captain has a very, intense, reaction to adrenaline. Thankfully, the crew is understanding. (I was thinking crying/sobbing but if you get a better idea then that's perfect.) -- Anon Guest

Adrenaline is a powerful chemical. It does not, as many expect, make Humans violent. This is just one way for Humans to react. The typical reactions caused by Adrenaline is one of two: Fight... or Flight. Without emotional direction, the side-effects include nausea, an urgent need to vacate the

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Challenge #02254-F064: The Universal Poison

Adrenaline and Caffeine. The worst substances in existence.

Highly deadly and poisonous to literally every life form in existence. No wonder, that hostile forces use it as tipping for their weapons, ammo, knives, etc.

They are feared. They are Powerful.

Until they fight their first human on a spaceship by a raid.

The attackers didn't know that it makes them stronger and near invincible.

The human didn't know, that they mean Add/Caffeine with "deadly poison".

The crew is afraid and doesn't

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Challenge #02026-E202: Common Sense Human Medical Advisor

Under great stress, the human brain will launch the production of combat drugs to better face the situation. It will nearly always allow your fellow human crew member to survive and save you, even if the course of action seems stupid and dangerous. The biggest problem could be when those drugs leave the organism : usually the human will act as normal and go back to his/her normal behaviour. But in some case, the human mental will temporary "crumble to dust" and

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Challenge #02017-E193: Like a Boss

Adrenaline is a well known (and banned due to its effectiveness/danger) military combat drug.

What happens when aliens find out that human bodies produce it naturally when under stress or danger? -- Anon Guest

The V'rithi had known Human Jak as a 'team mom', constantly fretting over their collective wellbeing. Making sure they had rodesnax[1] and clothing that would protect them from the elements. Human Jak was constantly gentle and kind, and -to use a Human phrase- wouldn't hurt a

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