Challenge #02322-F132: Unexpected Reaction

One human captain has a very, intense, reaction to adrenaline. Thankfully, the crew is understanding. (I was thinking crying/sobbing but if you get a better idea then that's perfect.) -- Anon Guest

Adrenaline is a powerful chemical. It does not, as many expect, make Humans violent. This is just one way for Humans to react. The typical reactions caused by Adrenaline is one of two: Fight... or Flight. Without emotional direction, the side-effects include nausea, an urgent need to vacate the bowels, and tremula in the extremities[1].

In the case documented by the Baron Munchausen, their Captain Rhees suffered from anxiety, and the use of an adrenaline dart against him did not turn him into a ravening ragebeast as the opposition expected. It augmented his existing fear, which can have interesting angles. Fear can do odd things to a Human.

In this case, Captain Rhees fell to his knees, screaming and crying. The attackers paused, first because they were not expecting that reaction, second because they reasoned it might be a ruse. Third... because a screaming Human usually meant an attacking Human. That last one was the thing that broke them. They were unfamiliar with this reaction and broke to flee the field.

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