Heading For the End

This is the last week of writing B'Nar. Yeeks. The last 3K. This is terrifying and exciting and invigorating at the same time. After this, after a week off to fart about and maybe work on some fanfictions and definitely worldbuild...

I am about to embark on my biggest project yet.

An entire trilogy. Not a baby one like Hevun's Child, but a big-arse one. Three books of 120K each. 360K words over three years. Likely sweating cobs the entire time.

Hevun took me one year of some pretty intense writing, including some wrist injury towards the end. I was still finding my limits and this? This was... a learning experience.

Sand promises to be another one. This will be my first Deep Shit trilogy with an actual world I spend time on and work out what is where and calculating days of travel et cetera. Plus working out a narrative that's sensitive to POC and Trans issues without dragging through all the pain of the modern era.

This is, after all, a Fantasy trilogy. My heroine's transness will be mostly her issue, but shouldn't be... too painful. Sympathy, not pain porn. That's the goal. So... yes. Hard knocks. Yes, some people won't accept her if they find out. But no, I'm not going to make it a continuous thing. I won't belabour that point.

I really want some POC Trans readers keeping an eye on me for this thing. Just to keep me honest and keep the story on the rails. I shall have to seek a little more actively.

For now, though, I need to watch for Chaos' bus.