Lazy Sunday

Nowhere to go. Nothing to do if I got there. No money to afford anything because spending spree yesterday.

Jamaican chocolate cheesecake is very rich and very dense and I may spend weeks whittling mine down to next to nil. The rest of my family aren't fans. On one hand: more chocolate for me. On the other... Carbs are a weekends-only occupation. Boo.

I plan to freeze any remaining slices so that they don't go off in the interim.

Mayhem claims he's cured, and we'll see how that goes. The only problem now is getting him to have a balanced enough diet when all he'll eat is chicken, salmon, and undetectable veggies in mince.

On one hand, I'm pretty good at concealing vegetables in mince. On the other... we just got all these steaks and chops.


Kids'll murder you. Every single time.

Onwards to story!