Challenge #02041-E217: Cautious Welcome

How would aliens with different lifespans play out alongside humanity? Can you please do an alien (instead of dog) version of this post?

Thanks! -- Anon Guest

For generations, Thack has watched over us. He is our Human and we are his crew. He has seen us all born. He has wept as we all passed of old age at anywhere between fifteen and twenty. He has taught us, protected us, and told us of his own family.

Thack has been a part of our crew for seventy-five years, and is leaving us today in favour of his Granddaughter, Human Grace. Many of you are upset about this, we know, but Human Thack has stayed with us well beyond retirement age and has reached the point where he is no longer able to perform his duties.

I know. It seems impossible, but Thack is too old to look after us. I hear he has plans to live on a little island near the equator of his home planet, and take up fishing. Join us in wishing him well. And Human Grace will be one of us soon. A guardian and guide and caretaker of our little ones. Learn her scent. Be kind. And I am certain that she will tell us how well her grandfather is doing.

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