'Tis Tuesday, I must Patreon

The kitchen has been unfucked, and with some good fortune, I may be able to convince my little darlings to put away the clean stuff once they're conscious.

Of course they've fallen into the holiday mindset of staying up as late as possible and sleeping in as long as possible. It's the holidays. I'm only awake because I literally can't sleep past 5AM.

That said, I'm in my "not going anywhere" ensemble of Kigurumi and toe socks with optional uggs.

And because I'm posting my Blasts manually [I wish I could have afforded to give the Streemian person some dosh] I have to space them out, so my new morning schedule goes like this:

  • Post first Blast
  • Blog here
  • Post second Blast
  • Do another thing - this morning it will be a minimum of two Patreon rewards
  • Post third Blast
  • Start work on today's Instant
  • Sometime after that, work on the novel.

I'm well aware that I'm overdue to post something on Wordpress. Given that the family is playing Factorio together, a move to Wednesdays is well warranted. And I can only hope that it won't mess up anything for the peeps acclimated to checking that blog on weekends.

Haha, I kid. Nobody's reading my Wordpress. Except MeMum. [Hi!]

If that above statement is false, do let me know. And tell your friends if anything I post there is worthy. I need to generate buzz.

I got my 'flu jabs, yesterday. And a shot for meningococcal. Because nothing is more horrifying than brain damage and possible death by internal swelling. Trust me on this.

BUT... my left bicep is sore and uncomfy to lie on, which is one of the reasons why I got up in the first place. Lucky you. Tomorrow, I may not get started before noon.

It's the holidays.