Moanna and personal white noise

Saw Moanna. It's firkin brilliant. I'm loving that they paid attention to Pacific Island culture in general and lots of the art style too.

Things we can take away from Moanna:

  1. It's possible to do a movie about POC without getting into semi-racist stereotyping [Looking at you "Please Bring Honour to Us All" in Mulan]
  2. It's possible to have an animated female heroine who looks more like a real human and less like an alien [Looking at Tangled and all her weird, same-faced cousins in Frozen]
  3. It's possible to make a movie about POC in a place far, far away without sticking a white person in there for unfathomable reasons [the biggest criminal in this is The Last Samurai which inexplicably starred Keanu Reeves. But I do know that there's at least one with Brad Pitt in it rattling around the scenery somewhere. I just can't remember the title]
  4. It's possible to have POC voice actors without turning them into animals for a majority of the screen time [cough cough, every single funny animal movie ever, and every single 'someone is turned into an animal' movie in recent decades]
  5. It's possible to have an entire cast of POC, voiced by POC, based on POC cultures, and have zero fucks given by white audiences.

What I love about Moanna most is that the scriptwriters didn't just use a Pacific-Island glaze over racist assumptions and actually showed a depth to the culture that hinted at more than the movie had time to show. Everything was clearly presented with an effort to understanding and sharing.

See it. Buy the movie when it's out on disk. It's amazing.

The only complaint I have is that the sound track seems to be made out of ear-worms.

On to personal white noise.

Holidays are very lazy times. There's no timetable, no urgency, and no rush to do anything. Which leads to my days being the same noise with a healthy (or unhealthy) side of inertia.

Which makes for very boring blogging, dear readers. 90% of our days is (a) disordered sleeping, (b) lying around, (c) watching television, and (d) saying that we really should get off our arses and do a thing.

This leads to us either going to bed heinously late or heinously early, and further frelling up our diurnal cycle and keeping us from doing the thing.

Also - I'm pretty certain that Beloved and I aren't consuming enough everything, which leads to a lack of energy, which leads to the inherent inertia in our lives lately.

And it's difficult, because our diet helps us feel full on less. We've spent a month schooling ourselves not to eat just because there's tasty things there. And it's had results. Maybe I need a candle that smells like hot, fresh doughnuts to stimulate the brain into realising that -hey- maybe we should eat something.

...I wonder if they have those on Amazon.

The plan will fail, if I do get as far as a doughnut candle, I know damn well I won't have the inclination to frikkin light the thing.

Just gotta make myself stick to some kind of schedule. Which I don't wanna do because I'm tired. Meh.