Challenge #01460-C365: The Slippery Slope

Trying to sell a specifically weapons design team as a pro-peaceful exploration move is sort of the zen apex of the art of budgetary committees, no matter how necessary self-defence is out on the frontier for Federation starships. -- RecklessPrudence

"Point of Order," said Admiral Joubert. The rest of the budgetary committee moaned in anticipation. "These so-called science vessels you're proposing look more like warships. The Federation has never stood for this sort of thing."

"It's called being prepared, Joubert," growled Admiral Paredes. "Science involves investigation. Investigation means finding things out there that may shoot first and ask questions later!"

"That doesn't mean we have to be prepared to do the same," snapped Joubert. "We are a peaceful organisation. We should be investing in peace."

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