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chaoswolf1982: internutter: I'm too broke to bugger offI've had a good look at everywhere else I could go and my options aren't that...



  1. I’m too broke to bugger off
  2. I’ve had a good look at everywhere else I could go and my options aren’t that great.

Seriously. Every other country either:

  • has its own cans of arseholes
  • is fuck-off cold
  • doesn’t speak English

And when you get down to it, despite the toxic flora, fauna and mycotta, and the deadly landscape and the occasional cyclone season - this country would be perfect if we could just get rid of the scumfucks like Tony Abbott.

You have ten of the top 15 deadly snakes on the planet, you have trees whose sap causes chemical burns and whose wood/leaves induces asphixiation if burned, the jellyfish and other sea-life surrounding you is so toxic that it can kill in minutes… and the major-stand-out horrible issue in the view of a citizen… is an asshole politician.

Australia, ladies and gentlemen - they’ve got priorities.

Thing is - we can take precautions against all the other toxic shit that lives here.

But we can’t seem to un-elect the toxic shit that runs the country.

First Look at New Nightcrawler in 'X-Men: Apocalypse' Has Been Revealed

First Look at New Nightcrawler in 'X-Men: Apocalypse' Has Been Revealed



First look at Nightcrawler, I mostly like it.


Hey, internutter, what do you think?

A clearer photo would be nice. I can't tell if that's a resizing disaster, those grody scarifications [God please NO! Never again! FFS that variant was nothing like the 'Crawler we know and love] or actual proper velvet FUR

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What would I miss most by turning Vegan?

Short answer: Chewing, because the only vegan food is Soylent(possibly).

Long answer:

Veganism is the lifestyle choice of eschewing food items that could possibly harm an animal. On the surface, that seems nice and friendly to our fur-bearing friends [and scale-bearing, and skin-bearing, and chitin-bearing etc] until you actually think about it.

There’s not a plant on our current menu that doesn’t exploit an animal.

Of the foods that don’t use bees to procreate, there&

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Star Trek: Into Darkness - One Dork's Opinion

Massive spoilers for the movie under the cut.

Mr Abrams… You’re directing the thing that caused thousands of nerds like myself to study things like physics and sundry other sciences in order to help make the reality that got us hooked. You should therefore NOT FUCK UP PHYSICS, YOU FUCK!

Shit, man.

Seriously. The half-a-planet looked awesomely cool and all, but that was a still shot from a damned incipient planetary disaster. That half-moon in contact with the main

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Between projects

I’m currently between projects and feeling a little doldrum-ish. So I figured some inspiration might help.

My options are:

(1) A new pony fic featuring a species from another fictional continuity (ds9). (2) Finally starting some work on the draw blog I gassed about a while back. (3) Moar fids, damnit!
Or (4) Something different (suggestions please)

I appreciate your responses?

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