Of Mice and Me

This is not just a household rodent problem, though we do have one. I've spotted a minimum of one wee sleekit timorous beastie scuttling between hiding places and I plan to do something about it when I have money again.

Yesterday, I had plans to go and fetch my youngest from Scenic Coominya. Beloved had taken a day off and everything. Alas, Capt S had other plans that involved KIABIL and today. So we were told not to come at all.

I'd be salty about this, but... being angry about stuff out of my control is a waste of time and energy. I try not to do that.

Meanwhile, MeMum informed me about a place I swear to the firkin Powers that I not only told her all about, but also ranted about in my blog and at minimum offered to show her the place. It had saved my budget back in the day when I was doing carbs [like, any year prior to 2016] but I don't go there any more because it's like the flour and sugar warehouse.

Crossed wires and communications issues happened, and now I'm getting a small fountain of salt from MeMum.

I can't win.

You'd think, after knowing me literally my entire life, the person who firkin raised me would understand when I said a thing sideways, but noooo...

Whoops. That was a little salt there. Operative word, 'try'.

Today, according to other people's plans, I am keeping my arse at home until I get the go-ahead to fetch Miss Chaos on the last leg of getting her home. Fingers crossed that nothing goes agley there.
ike another communications issue where I was supposed to turn up anyway and will get in trouble for not getting the memo that nobody thought to send me.

I don't know what it is about my arse that makes people tell me nothing and expect me to know everything, but there you go.

In art news, I've begun the "Master Sketch" for the Beauties cover. And it's twice the pain in the butt that I expected. I not only have to do the outlines, but work out where the heck I'm shading this beast. Pardon the weak pun.

It's gonna take ages. Especially since my brain has classified this as "not fun" and is actively looking for any old excuse to pack up and get on with the fun stuff.

Like today's story.