PLNs, Disasters, and other mishaps

This weekend, I had PLNs to clear out the garage at long firkin last. I also have PLNs to visit MeMum and sort out a few things over there.

So of course Beloved gets a lurgi and MeMum says wait until tomorrow.

Never mind, though. I have slightly more time to do the Instant, and faff about a little before everyone wakes up. Which, in this case, means watching YouTube and colouring in more frames for my Sleep Evil Sleep project.

SESP is barrelling along. Colouring the background is a WAY better means of spotting missed pixels than turning off the obligatory monocoloured background layer that Procreate makes unavoidable.

I'm waiting until the entire house is unfucked before I start in on any animation. Hopefully, telling Beloved this might get them inspired to at least sort out something this weekend. Not that I have high expectations.

My hard work just doesn't seem to count, sometimes.

I knock myself out getting the house unfucked and Beloved won't even sort through the mail.

I injure my wrists getting my writing done for... three notes. Five max.

I hurt my neck working on art that gets maybe three likes.

I put together videos that immediately get blocked because copyright issues. And even when they're not blocked... four views.

But I keep going because I love doing it all. I can't not write, art is therapy, and the animation video is just an expression of utter love that I have to get done or I'll pop.

I just wish it'd get noticed a bit more. Or, in the case of unfucking the house, that others would help without complaint.