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For anyone in the crafting arena, or anyone who lives with someone in the crafting arena, also knows about SABLE. For those who don't know, it's an acronym for: Stash Above and Beyond Life Expectancy.

...I happen to have enough earring and beading shit to currently last me a lifetime. So I should very likely make myself sit down and spend an hour or a half hour making earrings for EGDB like I've been gassing about for forever and a week.

I need to take stock, of course. Figure out which pride earrings I haven't made doubles of yet, make those doubles, and come up with some designs for those 'gem' beads I found and bought a sampler of. Heheh.

Yeah, I have a problem.

And just one of my problems is: I need a bigger box for my jewellery shit. I want to learn about cold-wire crafting, because I think I could make pretty awesome things out of cheap-as-fuck wire... but that's probably going to mean two boxes and I really need to learn how to keep it simple, stoopid.

I need to get some stock made, so that I can put the shop up and maybe, just maybe... make a little money out of this deal. But spreading joy and happiness might also be as good. I can't do a lot to help people, but if my creativity can help someone be happier, I'm all about that.

I've learned not to expect much out of my endeavours.

I have scoured the current A2B's site for any hint of a timetable. I might just have to simultaneously submit to the last one on the list. The dreaded postal submission will take some extensive time to even get there. Plus two to three months, plus travel time back... you'd better believe I'm paying for tracking both ways. If this A2B hasn't got back to me by the time the postal agent gets back to me, I'll count it as a lost cause and go complain to AR&E.

But I'll be sending two book samples up by post, since Adapting is just as ready for the world as Kung Fu Zombies. Separately, of course. You don't send two potential books in one envelope. They're so very, very different that I might confuse my A2B.

Hopefully, two different envelopes and the Sample Shuffle should obfuscate one from the other that happens to be by the same name. Maybe. This is the agent who also represents one of my literary heroes, Lois McMaster Bujold... so she might just be sharp enough to spot my attempted duplicity and call me out on it.

But first, I have to get my shit together beyond the sample of Adapting.

Challenge #01415-C320: No Plan Survives

Check your plans before you press "go". in tribute to many recent project that started up with great fanfare, followed by the mad scramble to fix the mess caused by not fully planning. -- Knitnan

They say that no plan survives first contact with the enemy. In truth, hardly any plan survives the planning stage. Especially when there's the kind of person hanging around who lives to deflate any growing plan.

And then there's the sad case of anti-serendipity.

"I knew I

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Okay, so you remember how I was trying to make more earrings for the fantastic Miss Isabella Bennett…

I’ve hit a snag.

Namely, that pierced studs no longer have a flat bit I can just clip the stem off and then that stud is mine to play with… nope. They have a fucking NIPPLE on the back now for no reason whatsoever.

It basically means that I can’t glue ex-studs to the clips, any more.

I have tried

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kittydoom:archiemcphee: Candy + Crafts = AwesomeWhen Japanese Twitter user Overtime Queen noticed the resemblance between Ultra-string Q...



Candy + Crafts = Awesome

When Japanese Twitter user Overtime Queen noticed the resemblance between Ultra-string Q gummy candy and yarn, she decided to postpone eating it and try knitting with it instead. Each piece of the citrus and soda flavored candy measures 126 cm (50 in) long, so she bought 15 packages - amassing roughly 18.9 meters (62 feet) of gummy candy and set to work knitting with a pair of chopsticks, using a standard stocking stitch (18 stitches across)

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Prove me right, internet!

My best beloved and chief source of angst claims that a duct tape wallet I have designed is going to be impossible to build.

Their basis of evidence? The fact that no-one has done it before.

This is a three-fold wallet/clutch with a fold-out area for excess cards (I get lots of the bastards) and two money/paper pockets and a zipper coin holder.

I have been unable to find instructions for the clutch of my dreams and I despise video

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