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Challenge #01415-C320: No Plan Survives

Check your plans before you press "go". in tribute to many recent project that started up with great fanfare, followed by the mad scramble to fix the mess caused by not fully planning. -- Knitnan

They say that no plan survives first contact with the enemy. In truth, hardly any plan survives the planning stage. Especially when there's the kind of person hanging around who lives to deflate any growing plan.

And then there's the sad case of anti-serendipity.

"I knew I had it... I did have it. I had just enough..."

"What's going on?"

Shelly looked up from her craft room, which had descended from organised chaos to utter chaos in the space of two hours. "I need the thing," she pleaded. "You know? The whatsit with the bits. I had just enough of the stuff to do the thing I'm doing now."

"Um. The jar full of ribbons and elastic?" Sal had spent enough time with Shelley to be able to decipher her less than specific descriptions. "Or the shoebox full of bits?"

"Both, for preference. I know I had them and now I can't find them anywhere..." She picked up a loose crumple of cloth from nearby and, disappointed with what was underneath, put it down again. "It's driving me mad."

"You mean the jar of ribbons and the box of bits that we both took to the local daycare place because they were cluttering up the place and you had no real use for them?"

Sally made a small squeaking noise and curled into a ball.

"Hey, it's okay," cooed Sal. "Come on out of here and I'll make you a hot chocolate with all the trimmings. Then we'll go to the Craft-o-rama and pick up some more bits. How's that?"

"...'s gonna cost me more money..."

"It's that or tidying up your F-5 event, here."

Sniff. "...'kay..." Shelly wiped her face with her sleeve as she stood. "Y'r a good girlfriend..."

"Yeah, I am. What thing are you doing, anyway?"

"Steampunk faberge merengue dress f'r a cosplay."

"Oooh, yeah. That'd need bits."

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