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All's quiet...

TOO quiet, as they are won’t to say.

I haven’t had any dramas dropping into my lap, nor Drama Llama’s coming to stay. So far.

I reckon they’re saving themselves up for tomorrow.

What’s happening tomorrow, you may ask? Well, I plan on going out to get a passport photo taken. So I can take it to a friend on Sunday and get myself verified. I hope.

That’s when the Drama Llama will step up to my side and hound my arse all damn day.

Or I’ll be forbidden from going because I have to hold the dog so hubby can mow the jungle lawn.

These things are sent to try us. And make me go gray. And give me dyspepsia.

Heh. Maybe if I leave early enough, he won’t be awake to stop me >:)

Ow times a googolplex

So I tripped over a chair last night. No big deal, you might think.

I landed on my massively bad bone-bruised heel. 92.4 kilos of me, landing on one small area [about two square inches, if you feel like doing the math. And yes, I’m completely bipolar with metric choices] and you can guess it hurt like fuck.

It still hurts like fuck today.

I’m limping everywhere, when I have to move. I prefer not to move

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