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Fucking drama

Timeline of events that happened off of this grid:

  • David "The Spine" Bennett restarted a tumblr blog
  • Said blog got hacked
  • Someone else took it over
  • They're now holding the blog hostage until the band fires Steve Negrette because he once ogled someone's boobs
  • And the same person camping the URL is now filling that blog with homophobic bullshit. Like that's any better

So yeah. That happened. Like I needed something like that happening. I really wanted someone to be a homophobic arsehole because of an offense that is relatively minor in the grand scheme of things.

I really did not want someone masquerading as one of my favourite musicians in the world spouting juvenile homophobic crap.

But none of us get what we want, do we?

It's also Melbourne Cup season, and we all have a fortnight of bad nights ahead of us. Beloved because they're working late, and me because my Beloved is not by my side.

I have coffee. And I've figured out that Stevia leaf powder is the wrong sort of shit to add to your coffee because Unpleasant Brown Gludge. And I'm going to do everything I can to at least TRY and sleep through the night.

It's bus-watching time. Which means I get to do a little more fanficcery because harsh morning sunlight.

Drama Llama, go away...

So let's recap on some of my most recent stressors:

  • Chaos falls over and bumps her tooth
  • Grandma wouldn't shut up about how this would definitely lead to a lifetime of mouth abscesses
  • The rising population of right-wing nutjobs who want to make a certain group of religious devotees illegal, thus playing into the hands of..
  • The rising population of pseudo-religious devotee nutjobs who want to blow everyone else up
  • My own mother sending me a "non-complimentary" beta-read instalment... and then insisting
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5 more years off Purgatory...

I did a genuine good deed, tonight. The cat bought in a bird and, being a cat, demanded acknowledgement of her great feline feat.

Mayhem spotted it, I discouraged the cat from holding the poor creature, and together we bought the poor thing to the relative safety of the front room.

It was a small olive-green honeysucker, judging by the proboscis-like beak and its long tongue. I held it in my hands for quite some time, and kept Mayhem from patting the

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Drama Llama is moving in....

The dog somehow got into my car. He chewed the back seat. He chewed the driver’s seat belt. He didn’t get into anything else, thank goodness, but I’ve been packing death.

It could have put the kibosh on my travel plans.

Thanks to the blithe spirits, the insurance mob told me they’d spring for everything shy of $500. Ouch. But not so much ouch as total replacement would have cost sans insurance.

I need

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There goes the other shoe...

Drama Llama stopped by and handed me a little quote-unquote “gift”. Dramatically, of course.

The friend who verified my identity forgot to initial a correction on the form she filled out, verifying my identity.

I now have to wait for the weekend, attend a baby shower, and hand over a vital document so it can be initialled in the correct place and sent back to me.

Which now also means I have to gather up a First Mum’s

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All's quiet...

TOO quiet, as they are won’t to say.

I haven’t had any dramas dropping into my lap, nor Drama Llama’s coming to stay. So far.

I reckon they’re saving themselves up for tomorrow.

What’s happening tomorrow, you may ask? Well, I plan on going out to get a passport photo taken. So I can take it to a friend on Sunday and get myself verified. I hope.

That’s when the

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