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Challenge #02153-E324: Canned Exodus

The Mom Mobile, either a titchy little car that is slightly larger than a phone booth or the massive Soccer Mom, haul anything including the whole team. -- Anon Guest

Men carry money. Women carry the world. -- Ancient Human Proverb.

Galactics can easily tell which gender secured the Human escape vessel. The tiny ones that barely fit the number of survivors and a minimal amount of survival supplies are generally procured by the males. The large and bulky ones with room for supplies, rebuilding materials, environment stabilisers and comfort of the occupants are generally acquired by the females. Speculation has been rampant as to the reason why.

Human thought processes are labyrinthine when examined as a whole. When broken into responsibility zones, they can become clearer[1]. Those most responsible for caring for the young or other partner in the relationship[2] is the one most frequently considering the long term in any evacuation situation. Often, this individual is the one to alert far in advance of any cataclysm and begin preparations.

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So I've arranged a little something in my queue...

Basically, I had nothing to write, yesterday [27th Feb] and queued up all my attempts at Doctor Whooves care of Generalzoi’s pony maker flash-toy. Then I found out I did have something to say and had to rearrange things.

‘Cause who wants eleven days of ponies before you get to find out stuff?

…okay, so some folks might want to see it. Desperately. I can promise you it’s not that magical. Really.

So from now on,

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