Saturday, Parkrun and Inflammation

I should definitely be keeping my carbs down. I have evidence that I am not doing Keto properly. This time it's in my hands and not my lungs. Some painful knuckles in my right hand are making life difficult for me.

Nevertheless, I persist in writing. I think I'd find a way to write even if I didn't have hands any more.

Perish the thought.

We have a new friendo [gasp! A social life] who is also a writing nerd and she also plays Animal Crossing, New Horizons. Yay.

I might have someone to play a game with. The bad news being that it costs $9 a month that I do not has :P

BUT I also have all the other stuff going. Friendo Glorious is new to the writing scene so I shall be Mentor Flavoured until she passes me by. I may yet also have someone writing one story a day, based on a prompt from somewhere.


Speaking of stories, I'd better get on with that jazz.