Challenge #03688-J035: Tidying to Do

A nation sends out a large, diplomatic, delegation to find Wraithvine, complete with white and gold carriage to bring him back to the kingdom. Why? The King wishes to make the kind elf the heir to his throne, for he has few family, and those he has, have proven to be too selfish for him to consider them for the placement. -- Anon Guest

[AN: This is extra fun because Wraithvine has no desire to be a monarch]

The first time King Theudebert invited Wraithvine into his lands, it was with a polite invitation and an armed escort to see hir safely there. The second time, the armed escort had to use a net and utmost secrecy because there was no telling who would let the eternal wizard free or risk their lives trying.

His Majesty really should have explained why he wanted Wraithvine to be heir first.

There was really one overreaching problem, as best explained by Wraithvine when ze said, "I would rather be cold and dead in the roots of a tree[1] than sitting on a throne with a crown on my head!"

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